PhD program


Program of the PhD courses at GIBMTE

The PhD at the Graduate Institute of Biomedical Materials and Tissue Engineering (GIBMTE) is comprised of mandatory (24 credits) and elective (6 credits) teaching credits that can be obtained during the first two years of study forming a valuable study portfolio based on students interest in the field of Biomedical Material and Tissue Engineering. There is a strong focus on attending seminars given by external specialists with expertise in academic field and industry, as well as research seminars presented by students. Credits on thesis/publication writing are also provided. 

Link to PhD courses PDF

PhD Thesis project:

Our GIBMTE Institute is striving at ensuring that students can be eligible to present their PhD thesis (12 credits) within 3 or 4 years. To this end, students are requested to present a PhD progress report on a yearly basis in September or October in front of a committee typically comprised of 5 members (Advisor, co-advisor, and three committee members).

When the studies are well advanced, the student will pass a PhD qualification exam typically comprised of 5 members (Advisor, co-advisor, and three committee members), allowing the students to qualify for his/her PhD defense.

The PhD studies must follow GIBMTE regulations as approved by the GIBMTE Institute council: Links to PhD thesis regulations

The PhD thesis document must be written in English, and following a specific format: link to the Format of the PhD thesis document


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