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Publications Co-Authored with International Laboratories and Globalization of Research

GIBMTE has received awards from TMU for increase in number of publications. GIBMTE has in the last three years strongly reinforce the globalization of its research activities by increasing the number of publication co-authored with foreign laboratories from less than 5% in 2012 to over 30% in 2015.

Publications were co-authored with groups from:

-         Europe: Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Norway, Spain, and UK

-         A/P: Australia, China, Japan, Papua New Guinea, Thailand

-         North America: Canada, USA

-         Africa: Cameroon, Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Nigeria

-         South/Central America: Costa Rica


International Grant Applications

GIBMTE is making efforts to apply to international grants with Taiwan. There is one on-going (France-Taiwan) “Orchid” grant with Sorbonne Paris Cité University, and this year, GIBMTE/CBME professors are applying to three ANR (France)/MOST (Taiwan) grant applications on topics of cartilage regeneration, proteomics studies of platelet lysates for muscle tissue regeneration, and microfluidic separation and detection of cell-derived microvesicles.

International workshops

The workshop of the International Plasma Fractionation Association on “Quality and safety of plasma for fractionation” was held on March 8 and 9, 2016, highlighting the recognition of GIBMTE in the field of biomedical therapeutic plasma products. The workshop had an attendance of over 170 delegates from 30 countries, and received excellent reviews and comments by attendants. 

Research Cooperation, Dual Diploma Program and Joint PhD Program with International Universities

GIBMTE has actively pursued the development of cooperation and dual degree agreements with Foreign universities. Current agreements already exist with KMUTT, Thailand; University of Dundee, UK; University of Lille, France; Case Western Reserve University, USA.

Agreements are being finalized or are under discussions at College level with Tokyo University of Science, Japan; Sorbonne-Paris-City/Paris 13 University; Jean Monnet University/Lyon-Saint-Etienne, France; and the University of Liverpool, UK. Discussions are also on-going with Nanyang University of Technology, Singapore.  

In June 2015, a GIBMTE MS student received dual MS diploma from TMU and Lille University, France. 

A PhD student from TMU (co-advised by GIBMTE Professor) is now completing her PhD studies with TMU and Lille University, and is planned to present PhD oral defense on December 8, 2016. She has already been awarded a fellowship from the Fondation Recherche Médicale (Medical Research Foundation) for a two-years post-doctoral position at Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6), France.

In June/July 2016, CBE Dean and GIBMTE Director joined a visit organized by TMU International Office to establish links with UK (UCL; Imperial College; King’s College; University of Southampton; University of Liverpool) and Sweden (Karolinska Institute) Universities and Research Institutes.

Objectives of these agreements are to establish or reinforce research collaborations between GIBMTE/CBME laboratories and foreign counterparts. The concrete targeted outcomes are: dual MS and PhD diplomas, Professors exchanges and interactions, Joint grant applications, joint publication/patent, joint technology transfers, joint clinical studies, and shared commercial benefits. We do not do just to be on the picture at the time of signature.

We are currently working at establishing an agreement with the University of Liverpool (Professor Rachel Williams, Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease) for a dual MS diploma for a MS1 student of GIBMTE.

International Experts

Symposiums and workshops are held regularly to provide opportunities for faculty and students to communicate and interact with national and international experts.

Between August and November 5, 2016, the following Foreign experts have visited the CBME and have given talks to GIBMTE students:

·         Professor Bo Lindberg, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

·         Professor Didier Lutomski, Sorbonne Paris Cité University/Paris 13, France

·         Mr. Patrick Hurilmann, OPED, Steinhausen, Switzerland

·         Dr. David Blum, INSERM, University of Lille, France; visiting Professor GIBMTE

·         Prof. Christer Rolf, Karolinska Institute, Sweden

Research and Laboratory Space

Efforts are made. There will be office space at Da-An campus of TMU from October, 2016. All the professors and faculties will have their study rooms and research space. To improve the current limitations in laboratory space, GIBMTE will benefit from additional laboratory space in the district of Xi-Zhi. Of note is the presence of three culture rooms, which will be of great help to GIBMTE students doing cell cultures.


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